Your intuitive leads of being are so worthy to be heard, to be recognized and to be followed. Your intuitive you knows! Always. As the first impression, by your inner feeling, is the most profound truthful feeling you can have. You can experience. As in the alignation with self, with your higher self, lies the alignation with the universe. The universal energies of the greater good.

You are so aligned but you hardly know that (anymore). It is your higher self, the soul, who aligns you with the universal energies. When you decide to acknowledge to follow your soul, to let you lead and to be guided by the soul and not by the mind (anymore), you align your mind, your humanly mind, behind the soul. From that moment on you are guided by the intuition. The intuitive leads of being. The most profound and universal amplified voice. This voice can only be heard and followed by your soul!

Never forget you are a soulful being! It is never too late to follow your intuitive leads, the universal guidance. As time doesn’t count for your soul and even not for the universe. Your intuition is the highest alignment with self and the higher self of your humanly you wants to follow the leads of this highness inside your own being. So once you start to feel that, you have to rely upon your intuitive knowledge, as said led by the universal energies, trust and surrender to this feelings. You will be helped on your universal path of the intuition by the universe itself. By multiple guides, helpers and other loving light beings.

Do not hesitate to follow what is best for you, what is best for soul and what is best for your humanly evolution. It knows your path, it knows your purpose and it sure knows your uniqueness based on your natural born gifts. So reveal and unfold your uniqueness, highest potential, and start to follow your intuition. Intuition is worth living and makes you conscious about yourself, your soulfulness and you higher alignment with self. A beautiful, life fulfilling path. Surrender, trust and start living your intuitive leads, the intuition.

Love, Irmgard